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First meeting on 9/18, virtually at 4pm (Zoom link will be emailed to those who have registered). Registration deadline on 9/30


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Meetings are every other Monday after school.  Our first meeting will be on 9/18 meeting virtually at 4:00pm. Those who registered should have received the zoom link. (Then 10/2, 10/16, 10/30, 11/20... matching to the high school blue days Mondays)


On this page (in order): 

  • Econ Club Overview
  • Competition Highlights from 2020-2021
  • About Our Club FAQ
  • Registration
  • Communication before Registration

Econ Club Overview:

The RMS Economics Club is dedicated to introducing and improving students’ understanding of basic Micro and Macroeconomic concepts. Students in the Redwood Economics Club will attend online biweekly meetings to learn about topics including macroeconomics and inflation, imperfect market competition, price floors and ceilings, and elasticity. This club plans to host fun economic competitions including NEC (National Economics Challenge), NPFC (National Personal Finance Challenge), and a club-wide buzzer competition (with prizes). We also host a year-end party and give out club merchandise!



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 Detail Instructions to Register

1. Go to My Account -> My Forms Go to My Account->My Forms
2. Choose 2021-2022 Economics Club Donation (it should be at the bottom of the page)
3. Enter your information into the form.  

4. When you get the the Select a Track, only select one track and enter the desired donation amount. Examples of all three track selections shown.




The Economics Donation quantity must be set to 1 for you to complete the form. This is a logistical limitation of the form itself.


The suggested donation amount per track is a suggestion to ensure that the club runs properly. Donation, however, is not required for participation in the club. 






5. The registration will only complete after you select either add to cart and checkout or add to cart.

6. Regardless of whether you have donated, you must complete the checkout process for your registration to complete. There are up to 3 options that you will see at checkout:

  • Pay Now: Donating online, you should immediately receive a receipt via email.
  • Pay Offline Later: Donating via check payable to 'Redwood Middle School PTA' dropped off at the RMS office or via company matching website
  • Check out (no payment due): Registering without donation. Please still click the "Checkout" button as shown.


Thank you!



If your track is full, please fill out the waitlist form and we'll enroll students base on order of sign up as space opens up.

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Communication Before Registration:


Fill out this interest form to be added to our mailing list. 


This is where we will be sending key information, waitlist, and other economics opportunities. Please make sure to check spam and add as a contact to make sure the emails go into the right inbox. 




Competition Highlights from 2020 - 2021 Year:


National Economics Challenge 

As our main competition for the year, the National Economics Challenge (NEC) took place for our eight teams on March 24th. Good job! Teams Redwood MS 1 (Arav Vuppala, Jack Jin, Kirby Fung, Timothy Leung) and Redwood MS 2 (Emily Wu, Eoghan O'Neill, Pranav Murthy, Richa Kandlikar) tied for third. Congratulations! 


Interscholastic Economics Competition for Middle Schoolers Cohosted by Redwood and Miller Econ Club

On March 17, 2021, our club members competed at the first Interscholastic Economics Competition (ISEC).

Congratulations to Jack Jin (1st), Yajat Nagaraj (2nd), Kirby Fung (3rd), Armon Vuppala (4th), Rithika Kogutem (5th), and Khushi Jain (6th).



About our Club FAQ:


As part of the economics club, you'll get to learn about economics and personal finance, participate in competitions, and engage in teams! This is a club for students with all levels of knowledge in economics!


What if the content is too difficult/too easy?

There will be a basic track and an advanced track for students to learn at their better-suited pace. 



How often and when does the club meet?


The club meets every other Monday, via zoom (until further notice), at 4:00 P.M - 5:00 PM. Our first meeting will be on 9/13 from 4 - 5 pm. 



Is there any prerequisite knowledge we need before joining this club?


Only an interest in economics! Everyone is welcome, and we will build up economics concepts from scratch.



What topics do we cover over the course of the year?


Most of the topics covered are in elementary microeconomics and macroeconomics, including supply & demand, market structures, government policies, and more!



What competitions do we participate in?


We will compete in the middle school division of the National Economics Challenge. We will also participate in an interscholastic economics competition with other local middle schools and the personal finance challenge as well as other economics or personal finance competitions. 



What happens during a typical meeting?


We host meetings virtually via Zoom. Meetings include an explanation of new topics, simulations and applications, and contest preparation. They will be taught by vetted members from the Saratoga High School Economics Club, most of whom have high placings in competitions themselves and have taken the AP Economics tests.



What are the costs of participating and is it mandatory?


RMS Economics Club strongly encourages members to donate, though it is not strictly mandatory. The suggested donation will be on the registration page. It's $85 for lesson tracks, $65 for competition only track. This money is necessary goes towards tournament costs, food, merch, & other logistical costs.



Any other questions?


Shoot us an email at!



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